Dorm Geeks is a company that was started by a mentor, Keon Merriett, and his two little brothers, Nathaniel Strange and Sheredian Lawrence. The idea was to start a business that could include the two young men, and give them a start at being entrepreneurs.

At the age of 21, Keon was given the same opportunity of entrepreneurship by his mentor, and opened his own pizza restaurant. When he saw this opportunity, Keon wanted to do the same and pay it forward. The Idea for Dorm Geeks came while surfing through social media. We saw inspiration on a friend’s social media page, and sparked the concept of Dorm Geeks.

Dorm Geeks allows you to get the basic necessities needed for a college dorm without having to spend hours in a store. It also allows you to show your college student how much you care, by sending them a monthly care package. With the click of a mouse, you can have your very own geek box delivered to your home or dorm.

Let’s “Get Geeked” together

Geek Gives Back

Helping our community.

Geek Gives Back is our effort as a small business to pay it forward to rising college students. For every 10 Geek Boxes and Care Packages sold, Dorm Geeks will donate a Geek Box and Care Package to a local Boys & Girls Club. These boxes will be given to a rising college student in their club, or one that has already entered college.

These Boys & Girls Clubs include; The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta, and The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Two of our team members, Nathaniel and Sheredian, are both Boys & Girls Club Alumni, and Keon is a former Club director. We saw it fitting to give back to an organization that gave so much to us.

So when you purchase your Geek Box, you can feel good in knowing you have helped someone who otherwise may not have the funds to purchase their dorm needs.

Be a caring Geek, Be a thoughtful Geek, and most of all, be a Dorm Geek. “Get Geeked”

Our Team

The men behind the magic.

[lvca_team style=”style2″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Keon Marcell” member_image=”7961″ member_details=” Keon has been mentoring youth for 15 years. Having been a basketball coach, youth development worker, and educator, he feels as if it’s his life mission to change as many lives as possible. Keon first met Sheredian while mentoring his older brother Demarco, and has been mentoring him since 2012. He met Nathaniel while working for the Boys & Girls Club, and has been mentoring him since 2013. Keon has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for changing lives. Put both together, and you have the perfect combination that is sure to be a success while also changing lives. “][lvca_team_member member_name=”Sheredian Lawrence” member_image=”7990″ member_details=” Sheredian is a 20-year-old young man from West Atlanta Georgia. Sheredian is one of four children, and is a great brother to his other siblings. Having grown up in rough surroundings, he often found himself in precarious situations which many times got him in trouble. In 2013 he made the decision to turn his life around, and chose success over the streets. Sheredian is a hardworking young man, and he is setting himself up for success. Starting at such a young age, he is poised to be a great entrepreneur. “][lvca_team_member member_name=”Nathaniel Strange” member_image=”7962″ member_details=” Nathaniel is a 19 year old young man from Decatur Georgia. Nathaniel grew up with several siblings, and is the brother to 4 sisters. He grew up playing basketball, and has played on all levels except pro. Nathaniel has played AAU, city rec. ball, middle school, high school, and college basketball. Nathaniel often found himself in trouble, and was on the verge of not graduating high school on time. He decided to make a life change, and in 2015 he became an honor roll student as well as a high school graduate. Nathaniel is eager to be an entrepreneur, and with his attitude he is destined to be a great one. “][/lvca_team]