Moving Services

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  • Be sure to have all items packed and ready for pick up (If we arrive and you aren’t packed you will lose your appointment and have to reschedule)
  • Please ensure that the email, number, and address is listed for the moving recipient
  • All items must be packed in a box or storage container. No loose items will be allowed (Exceptions: small folding chair, folding ironing board, TV, Microwave, fan, etc…).
  • Maximum box size 24×18 (Boxes larger will be assessed an additional $20 per box)
  • Please be available at time of pick up (Once the mover arrives, they will wait 5 minutes. If the client isn’t available after that you will have to reschedule)
  • Maximum Storage bin size 22 gallon or 90 quarts (Larger sizes will be assessed an additional $20 per container)
  • Garbage bags are not allowed (Only duffle bags are allowed)
  • Please be sure to have all that you need. Once your items are stored away we will only enter to remove all stored items.
  • Must be present at time of return
  • No hazardous items, illegal substances, weapons, or liquids can be stored
  • Due to the possibility of attracting rodents, food items are not allowed to be stored
  • Maximum TV size for storage is 42 inches
  • All extra packages or additional fees must be paid for at checkout or on the day of the move
  • To receive your fee for referrals, they must list your name before checkout. If you were referred by someone please be sure to list their name.
  • *There is a $25 fee for rescheduled appointments.